Are you a parent homeschooling your child and not sure how to go about teaching them English for their GCSEs? Alternatively your child may sadly have failed their GCSEs in English and need to resit? Perhaps you are a mature student who needs to sit your GCSEs to take your career to the next level? Whatever your needs, we've got you covered! The 'Ultimate Literature AQA GCSE Animal Farm by George Dickens Course' is a comprehensive course for students wishing to their GCSE qualifications in English Literature which are all part of the AQA GCSE specification. Taught by Barbara Njau, who is an experienced and qualified English Teacher, you will gain all the knowledge you are seeking to pass the GCSE at a Level 9 - which is an A*!

A Welcome Message!

Hello, my name is Barbara and I am an experienced English teacher. I've helped students get a Level 9 in their English GCSEs! My Course will help you get top marks in the 2020 English GCSEs! I'm excited to share with you my top secrets which will help you get a Level 9 in your English GCSEs... Let's get started!

Inside The Course!

English Literature Course

You will learn how to:

- Read and write about 'Animal Farm'

- Analyse Key themes

- Understand the plot and characters of the play

English Language Course

You will learn how to:

- Write essays using the PEE method

- Understand difficult terminology

- Write top creative stories

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Animal Farm GCSE Revision Course!

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Our course will give you access to everything, including exam revision classes, Level 9 model answers to download and use in your practice and if you are short on time - go straight to exam answers and model papers to intensively practice your revision technique!

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